The A. James Clark School of Engineering is pleased to announce the first class of ENGAGED Faculty. This is an honor that has been bestowed upon faculty by undergraduate students in the Clark School. The six faculty members in the inaugural class include:

Peter Kofinas Dr. Peter Kofinas
Fischell Department of Bioengineering (BIOE)
kofinas@umd.edu  |  Profile  |  Lab Website
David Lovell Dr. David Lovell
Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) and ISR
lovell@umd.edu | Profile | Website
Isaak Mayergoyz Dr. Isaak Mayergoyz
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
isaak@umd.edu  | Profile  |  Website
James Milke Dr. James Milke
Department of Fire Protection Engineering
milke@umd.edu  |  Profile
Srinivasa Raghavan Dr. Srinivasa Raghavan
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
sraghava@umd.edu  | Website
Chandrasekhar Thamire Dr. Chandrasekhar Thamire
Department of Mechanical Engineering

The ENGAGED Faculty have been selected by the Clark School students because they

  • are approachable
  • take a genuine interest in and have concern for their students, both inside and outside of the class room
  • provide excellence in teaching
  • are accessible
  • have high expectations of their students
  • encourage students and provide advice and support on academic and extracurricular activities

These faculty members have been described as being dedicated and patient.  Each has been identified as a positive mentor and role model.

The ENGAGED Faculty project is a component of the NSF funded program called ENGAGE: Engaging Students in Engineering (NSF GSE #0833076). The University of Maryland is one of ten schools selected to participate in the first year of the program to implement research-based strategies to enhance the retention of undergraduate engineering students.

What is ENGAGE?

ENGAGE is an Extension Services Project funded by the National Science Foundation. Extension Services projects are modeled after the Cooperative Extension Service in Land Grant Institutions and are intended to extend proven, research-based strategies into STEM education.  The goal of ENGAGE is to increase the capacity of engineering schools to retain undergraduate students by facilitating the implementation of three research-based strategies to improve student day-to-day classroom and educational experience.

The three research-based strategies are:

  1. Everyday Examples in Engineering (E3s): Using examples that are familiar and engaging to students to illustrate theoretical concepts in fundamental engineering courses.
  2. Spatial Visualization Skills: Assessing and improving student spatial visualization skills.
  3. Faculty-Student Interaction: Enhancing the ability of faculty and students to interact inside and outside the classroom.

For more information, visit the organization website.

Nominate ENGAGED Faculty

The A. James Clark School of Engineering is seeking student nominations for ENGAGED Faculty. Faculty are a critical component to an undergraduate student’s successful completion of an engineering degree by providing support at pivotal points during the undergraduate experience. We would like to recognize those faculty who have made a positive impact on your undergraduate experience. In particular, we are seeking nominations for faculty who have provided you with encouragement to pursue your goals, encourage you to engage in conversations outside of the classroom and otherwise support your development and success. In other words, we seek faculty who are approachable and accessible who work hard to guide and support students.

Eligible Nominees: Anyone who teaches engineering, mathematics, physics and chemistry to engineering students (i.e., faculty in the Clark School of Engineering and the College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences).

Eligible Nominators: Only Clark School undergraduate students can provide faculty nominations.

Faculty who are selected will receive plaques indicating they have been recognized as an ENGAGED Faculty member. Faculty will be listed on the ENGAGED Faculty website navigable from the Keystone Program homepage. Students can easily access this website to learn who the ENGAGED Faculty are that may be helpful to their undergraduate careers.

Nominate an Engaged Faculty member today!
ENGAGED Faculty Nomination Form

If you have any questions, please contact Paige Smith at pesmith@umd.edu.

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